Protect Your Eyes

Sight is a precious gift. But it can be snatched away by a variety of assaults. As you age and get older your risk of developing one of four disorders that pose a threat to vision — cataract, glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration, and diabetic retinopathy.

Age is the main risk factor for these diseases. For example, half of all people between the ages of 65 and 74 have cataracts; after age 75, about 70% do. And glaucoma is most common in people over 60.

When it comes to your vision, as you grow older you've got to grow wiser too. Our eyes change as we get older. That's a truth we can do little about. It's the consequences we can change. Protecting the eye from today is the advise.

I brite; GoodVison; are micronutrient supplements that help keep the eye healthy. 

To Your Good Health ...

Omega-3 Essential Fatty acids (Omega-3EFAs) and YourBrain

Omega-3 Essential Fatty acids and YourBrain

Review of Clinical and Functional Neuroscience -Swenson)

The brain needs a constant supply of Omega-3 essential fatty acids.

Worried about your eyes?

Worried about your eyes?

If you’re worried about your eye health as you get older, Be-Young GoodVision is meant for you. Just wear sunglasses on sunny days and takethis formula, and you’ll know you’re doing everything possible for your eyehealth.

You’ll be nourishing every part of your eye: your macula, retina, lens, cornea—thewhole eye.

Take action NOW for your eyes. With Be-Young GoodVision,instead of worrying about eye health, you’ll rest easy knowing you’renourishing your eyes with the exact nutrition they need.

DWC Earn a living initiative

Right to Earn a living is a basic right of every Adult. Majority entrepreneurs have not done Nutraceutical Business before.

DWC Earn A Living initiative  is a  proven way to assist you attain knowledge, gain skills, and improve performance in today’s Nutraceutical  business world. 

This DWC Earn A living initiative called “HEIGHT" (Help Everyone Increase Growth in Turnover)  provide:

  • Nutraceutical Opportunity Analysis & Information
  • Effective business-building techniques
  • Interpersonal and communication skills
  • Valuable leadership principles
  • Time management expertise
  • Decision Making Techniques
This DWC earn a living initiative "HEIGHT"  will be managed by a team of "MARKETING DIRECTORS" 
The MARKETING DIRECTORs will be successful IBO's from DWC GLOBAL. All successful IBOs qualifying to be a MARKETING DIRECTORs will go through a rigorous credential  analytic programme and then designated "MARKETING DIRECTORS". 

The MARKETING DIRECTORS will, with the management of the company, manage and operate HEIGHT world wide and help empower budding entrepreneurs with skills to earn wealth from a successful Nutraceutical Business.  


The Membership number is Proprietary 

of the Registered Owner and is not 

transferable.In the event of Registration

 or termination of the Member it is permanently

 deactivated.In the event of death of the

 registered member it is transferred to legal 



New Products Launched 
1. Regenerative Bio-Active Stem Cell
2. 75 Micro-nutrients 
3. Digestive Enzyme 

Updation and correction in the 10% deduction on CBR as per latest guidelines w.e.f. 1.6.2016

With Effect from 1.6.2016 the guidelines for TDS deductions has changed in accordance with the same the updation and corrections have been done in all CBRs for all qualified IBO; ILO & DLA and the accounts credited / debited accordingly on 2.7.2016. 


Launching Soon

Congratulations !

Congratulations to Great Achievers!

My heartiest congratulations to all CBR achievers of the week end 29.8.2016. New Achievement records are created including reaching highest CAP - CBR. Deccan Wellness Crusade team has taken a great steps in eradication of micronutrient deficiency for HAPPINESS*HEALTH*WEALTH 

CMD-Deccan Healthcare 



For a disease free body take one capsule 
of my-75-micronutrients every day, eradicate micronutrient deficiency for 


DTA Leadership Training Program

        On 21 Sept. 2016 
             --Venue --
         Hotel Embassy
Opp-Railway Station Surat (Gujrat)
     Time :- 1.30 PM to 5.30 PM


DTA Leadership Training Program

        On 19 Sept. 2016 
             --Venue --
         BMA  HALL
Old Padra Road,Opp-MC-Donald Pizza,
Near Manish Chokid,Vadodra(Guujrat)
     Time :- 6 PM to 9 PM


Business Opportunity  Meeting 
   On 25th September 2016
            ==: Venue  :==
      Hotel Taj  Heights,Agra
       A-14,Taj Nagri Phase II
           Fatehabad Raod
      Time :== 3 PM to 6 PM
    Contact No    9319215404

Vitamin D3 deficiency & O3D3

Vitamin D deficiency is a serious problem. 
Whenever you get time please read this article.


Wednesday 12th October 2016 & Tuesday 11th October 2016 being holidays the JV payout due on Wednesday 12th 2016 is being done today Monday 10th October 2016 to avoid inconvenience to fellow members. Kindly note the office will be availing festival holidays on 11th & 12th October 2016. 


Vitamin D day 2016

This festival season pledge to eradicate vitamin D deficiency. Special offer on O3D3 on Nov 2nd the vitamin D day 2016. 

Holi Dhamaka

  Extension of 
Holi Dhamaka 
   Buy One Get One Free 
 My 75  MICRONUTRIENT  Food Pills
 One Day Offer Starts : 14th March 2017 

Happy Holi



MRSP: 1399/-



Starts 21.3.17 valid for 16 Weeks. Call help. For brief visit downloads.