Chairman Speaks

Dear Wellness Seekers,

It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you to my mission "Deccan Wellness Crusade".

At Deccan, I started the Journey in 1996 with the sole objective of providing efficacious health supplements, affordable to all. Now today, after 17 years, l am extremely proud to share with you my vision, mission & Success.

Malnutrition, coupled with micro-Nutrient Deficiencies, has been a major health spoiler for our countrymen; there are 743 known micronutrients which are essential to keep us healthy. Unfortunately our daily diet does not provide all these. Therefore, the need for health supplements. Making this my sole objective - my sole mission- was not as an easy choice. More I thought about it, more & more I got committed to this task. Chancing from white coat of researcher to a business suit required an application of thought, timeless efforts & a passion to get devoted to the cause of 'Eliminating Micro-Nutrient Deficiencies. That’s how the dream took shape -A Campaign, A Crusade -"MND Hatao, Khushiyaa Lao".

I have becomes volunteer to the campaign of UNICEF, WHO & Govt. of India. I have joined the force. Today, I am sharing this dream with you. I need you to take this message across Indio to make happen. I will be with you always... In this challenging journey ahead.

This society has given me enough to live a peaceful, comfortable life. However, I firmly believe that, the time has arrived to return bock to the society what it deserves - A healthy living, through our own Deccan's Wellness Crusade. It’s now Our Crusade. It's not mine alone, anymore. Together, we will be successful in our mission.

Wishing you a rewarding, healthy & meaningful association with Dwc, I look forward to your whole hearted, passionate involvement in this Crusade. Best Wishes Minto P.Gupta