MD Speaks

Dear Independent Business Owner(IBO’s),

On behalf of our entire corporate team, we welcome all of you!

Mohak Gupta.

I congratulate you for making a wise decision and joining hands with us to eradicate 'Micro Nutrient Deficiency’ in India
The most important asset of DWC Global is not found in a building or even in a proprietary formula; the greatest asset of this company is the mission "M. N. D. Hotao, Khushiya Lao" and minds of individuals like you who are willing to share our vision with others.

DWC Global leverages today's most effective form of approach—community commerce. With this person-to-person approach. You will be able to share the vision of the DWC Global and be rewarded for doing so. Based on the consumption of product by those in your community. Please familiarize yourself with the policies and procedures, making special note of those policies that pertain to mass retail sales mediums. Including Internet auction. Please remember these policies are in place to protect you and the vision of DWC Global.

This is such an exciting time to be a part of DWC Global. The Govt. of India now is also creating awareness campaign to eradicate micro nutrient deficiency. DWC Global offers the most complete and balanced products.

Since the establishment of Deccan Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. in 1996 by Mr. Minto P. Gupta, millions have already experienced better physical health. We look forward to work with you to expand -our vision. Together, we’ll change the world for the better.

To help you get stoned. Please follow Your Success Guide to "M. N. D. Hatao°. Khushiya Lao". and start living your DWC Global life!

We are here to win, we are here to succeed and we wanted to see you on the top. We wish you all the very best.

Mohak Gupta
Managing Director
DWC Global